Armoured glass is designed to provide the highest levels of protection & quality for automotive glazing.

Armoured glass for vehicles is basically composed of glass, plastic interlayers and polycarbonate. All these materials are laminated together to achieve the adequate protection against the ammunition it is designed to defeat.

Armoured glass looks like conventional automotive OEM glass: it features the original shape, dimensions, appearance and functions of the OEM glass it replaces.

In addition to our regular range we can also supply our customers special products.

With special products we mean the following:
• Armoured glazing
• Plastic glazing
• Roof glazing
• Transport & Industrial vehicle glazing 

Ice, fog and mist on glass cause visual discomfort. Icecontrol, Saint-Gobain Sekurit's heatable glass, allows the driver to defog and de-ice the glass surface due to this functionality.

Icecontrol windscreens provide drivers with improved visual comfort and consequently safety when driving during unfavourable weather conditions.

Heatable glass can de-ice and de-mist a windscreen in less than five minutes at -10°C.

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Aquacontrol®, the coating that actually repels water and sleet from glass surfaces.

In combination with wind generated by the speed of the vehicle Aquacontrol® removes water droplets with lesser use of the windscreen wiper system.

A file with car models that have Aquacontrol factory applied on the glass can be downloaded. These glazing have to be regenerated after 60.000 km or maximum 3 years. 


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Nature doesn't always make it easy to keep your eyes on the road. Sunlight causes glare. Rain smears against the windscreen. Mist clouds your view. Ice blocks out everything. The more your visibility decreases, the less safe you are, especially when the weather suddenly turns. The right kind of auto glass can turn the advantage in your favour.

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This innovative technology offers two key functions: heating in winter and heat reflecting in summer.

In the winter it rapidly defrosts and demists the windscreen of ice and mist. Exhausting ice-scraping is no longer necessary. Drivers push a button to activate the SGS ClimaCoat for a clear view and improved safety in less than 4 minutes. Moreover it prevents re-icing.

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Thermocontrol Venus is a dark tinted glass which offers excellent thermal comfort and privacy.

For regulatory reasons, it can only be used from the rear doors backwards and for sunroofs.

Very dark glazing shades prevent passers-by from seeing inside the vehicle, thereby securing the privacy of the passengers and their belongings. At the same time they still allow passengers to see outside.

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Thermocontrol UV Filter glass effectively protects passengers and cabin materials from the solar heat and the UV rays.

Thermocontrol UV Filter tempered glass has specifically low UV transmission values (TUV). Its TUV is only one-seventh (1/7) of a clear glass and one-third (1/3) of a normal green glass.

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Thermocontrol Reflecting is a laminated glass that reflects a large portion of the solar energy thanks to an invisible coating. Therefore, the heat build-up is drastically reduced compared to other types of glass, making Thermocontrol Reflecting more efficient in providing a very high thermal comfort.

The time to return to a comfortable temperature after parking under the sun is decreased as much as 25%.

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Compared to clear or to normal green glass, Thermocontrol Absorbing glass offers very good thermal comfort as it strongly decreases the direct transmission of solar energy into the vehicle.

It prevents a quick heat build-up inside the cabin during parking. It also decreases the time to return to a comfortable temperature and thus reducing the need for air conditioning. 

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