With the addition of Autover Sensor Repair Combi into our sensor repair range the square-type sensors with raised features on the outside face of the optical unit can now also be repaired.

Autover Sensor Repair Combi is the unique combination of Autover Sensor Instant Pad (already shaped silicone pad) and Autover SensorGel.

Autover Sensor Repair Combi is extremely simple to use, and the repaired sensor can be re-attached to the windscreen within just a few minutes.

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Thanks to its ability to filter high and low frequency noises, dBCONTROL acoustic glazing gives the car manufacturers the possibility of controlling / reducing the noise level inside the car up to 10 decibels, enhancing the acoustic comfort and the safety of the passengers.

dBCONTROL acoustic glazing can be adapted to all types of vehicles whether they belong to the lower or upper segment, powered by gas or diesel engine. The substitution of the traditional PVB by an acoustic PVB guarantees the best quality / price ratio without increasing the weight of the vehicle. 

SGS ClimaCoat: The all-weather windscreen

This innovative technology offers two key functions: heating in winter and heat reflecting in summer.

In the winter it rapidly defrosts and demists the windscreen of ice and mist. Exhausting ice-scraping is no longer necessary. Drivers push a button to activate the SGS ClimaCoat for a clear view and improved safety in less than 4 minutes. Moreover it prevents re-icing.

Saint-Gobain Autover does not only supply glass and related products for passenger cars but we also have a wide range of products for other transportation vehicles such as:

• Van
• Bus & Coach
• Truck
• Industrial & agricultural vehicles
• Mobile homes
• Light utility vehicles
• Civilian & military vehicles

As Original Spare Part supplier Saint-Gobain Autover guarantees you an excellent product.

In the past few years, more and more vehicles launched in Europe are equipped with larger glazed areas and larger sunroofs that are also called canopies or panoramic sunroofs.

This literally gives the passengers a panoramic view, a feeling of openness and the impression that they are traveling in a convertible car without the disadvantages of noise, wind & rain.

Automotive glazing is becoming increasingly integrated into the shape of the vehicle. Automotive designers require glazing with complex forms. In some cases, the glazing contours required cannot be achieved with shaped glass, which is why plastic glazing is developed.

Through Freeglass, a joint venture with one of the leaders in transparent plastic automotive part production, Saint-Gobain Sekurit can design, produce and commercialize plastic glazing.

Plastic glazing is used for side windows, sunroofs and rear windows without a wiper system.