BMW i8

September 2014

The BMW i8, a hybrid supercar, got its introduction at the Frankfurt motor show.

The BMW “i” project stands for sustainable mobility. It represents visionary electric vehicles and mobility services, everyday travel can be 100% electric. After the all-electric BMW i3 there is a new born electric car, the BMW i8 designed by Benoit Jacob. This most progressive sports car has improved dynamic driving characteristics with less fuel consumption. The top speed is 250km/h with a combined consumption of 2,5l/100km. In e-Mode, the top speed is 120 km/h with a driving range of 35km.

BMW’s innovative Life-Drive architecture makes use of light-weight materials and aerodynamic design. The sports car has an aluminium chassis, high-strength steel in the body together with ultra-modern plastics just like the i3.  Some parts of the BMW i8 are made of polycarbonate glass think of the doors and bumpers. The windscreen and rear window are very special, it is “light-weight glazing” manufactured by Saint-Gobain Sekurit. Since this type of glazing is stronger than ordinary glass, it can be made thinner (hence lighter).

Saint-Gobain Sekurit is the OEM supplier!